What we're working on

1. Emerging Communities engagement in Hounslow, London

We're working with the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to better understand what matters to people about care in five emerging community groups in Hounslow (Afghan, Polish, Romanian, Somali and Nepalese communities). We are particularly focusing on people's use of Accident and Emergency (A&E) services as well as increasing self-care and prevention activities.

2. End of Life services in Hounslow & Richmond, London

We're creating an Always Event with Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust for how end of life services are delivered for people with long term conditions. Always Events are a simple statement that follow the format of “We will always do [specific, measurable action]”. Always Events are created based on what matters to patients, their carers and staff. 

3. Humans of Home Care

We're collecting stories and insights on the national development of Wellbeing Teams. These innovative teams are self-managed and deliver personalised care for people in their homes, based on what matters to them instead of a traditional ‘time and task’ model.

What we're planning

Please get in touch if you’re interested in exploring these new plans with us, or know people who are already doing great work that we can support.

1. Enabling difficult discussions about End of Life

End of Life was an emerging theme in our Humans of Healthcare work and has continued in many discussions over the past two years. We're exploring ways to support people to create time and space outside clinical settings to explore, articulate and share with loved ones, what matters to them about death and dying.

2. Shining a light on empathy in care

We're exploring these two questions: How can we help people who give and receive care become more aware of the empathy that already exists around them? How can we support people who give and receive care to dig deep into giving courageous moments of empathy at some of the darkest moments of their lives? 


Last updated: 24 october 2017

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