Consent for photographs and audio recordings


This consent covers specific photographs and audio recordings that have been shown to me and were captured in interviews by Spark the Difference in May 2017, for Love2Care and Wellbeing Teams.

This consent covers:

1. You are willing to be interviewed and photographed:

I have no objection to myself being photographed and involved in audio recordings.

 I am aware that no payment will be made for allowing the photographs and audio recordings to be taken and used. I am giving this consent freely and without any expectation of any benefit in kind.

I am also aware that if I do not consent my quality of care will not be affected by this decision.


2. You give consent for the photographs and images to be shared:

I give my consent for the photographs and audio recordings to be used for:

  • Improvement of delivery and planning of care;
  • Community awareness, including social media on Love2Care, Wellbeing Teams and Humans of Home Care;
  • Education, publication and research.

As a result, I understand that, the general public worldwide may see the photographs/footage.

Please let us know if you have any concerns with the content and we will ensure it is not published. You can make specific comments (eg. please don't use photo "Sam-1") in the Comments box below.


3. You can withdraw your consent at any time:

I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time, however if the photographs and quotes from the audio recordings that have already been shared, they may still be available to view from archived/cached sites that we, the above named organisations, have no control over.

I agree with the above statements  
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