Emerging Communities engagement

The UK model of care can be very different to other care systems worldwide, which may lead to confusion on entry points and how to access the right services at the right time for people who have moved to the UK. This can sometimes lead to inappropriate use of Accident and Emergency services and the lack of accessing preventative care, such as standard immunisations and ante-natal support.

Too often, patient and public involvement has meant distributing patient leaflets or conducting surveys with people who are already engaged and active within the health and social care systems – usually in a GP or hospital waiting room.

We know that some members of Hounslow’s community are less likely to approach local authorities and/or statutory services for advice and support for living and being well, particularly members of ‘emerging communities’, ‘hard to reach communities’ and ‘seldom heard groups’.

Understanding what matters to people

We are working with the Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group to better understand the needs and expectations of individuals and families within emerging communities, starting with listening to what matters to members of Afghan, Polish, Romanian, Somali and Nepalese communities in Hounslow.