About Us

Our mission

To bring humanity back into every interaction in health and social care.

Our promise

To deliver engagement strategies with creativity and rigour that help leaders understand and act on what matters to people who give or receive care.

Our spirit  

We show up in the world by being optimistic, curious, determined, creative and courageous. We light up when igniting passion and possibilities.


What we know to be true

It’s the little things that matter. The small sparks that can – and do – make all the difference.

Giving back

We commit 10% of our resources* to support and empower grassroots community organisations to help strengthen their voices and impact. 

(*10% of our time and money, 110% of our energy)


Our approach


1. We capture

We listen to and capture people's stories about their experiences of giving and receiving care. We do this by creating an engaging, safe and tranquil space for people to reflect on what matters to them, in a way that they wouldn't otherwise do.


2. We change

We help decision makers listen to voices that aren’t usually heard, to foster empathetic decisions about the planning and delivery of health and social care. We do this by facilitating conversations and building relationships within different communities.


3. We celebrate

We shine a light on everyday experiences to help make the invisible, visible. We do this by combining human, visually striking images, with heartfelt personal audio stories, written quotes and interview transcriptions to celebrate moments of humanity in care.


Our work now

Here's what we're working on now.